Chosen One Of The Day: Teenage Ripper and Joyce from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Mar 30, 2018, 12:06 PM EDT (Updated)

Kids never think of their parents as cool. We didn't know our them in their wild youth so for us, they are eternally stodgy and dull mom and dad. But in Buffy The Vampire Slayer's "Band Candy," its eponymous heroine met the teen versions of her mother Joyce and her father-figure Giles.

For Buffy, seeing her parents turn into the embodiment of teen rebellion was her personal hell. But for viewers, it was a slice of heaven, because we got to hang with teen Joyce and Ripper.

Forget the responsibilities of parenting, work, or saving the world. Ripper and Joyce were living for the thrill. When they weren't listening to records and chain smoking, they were looting "Juice Newton" jackets, punching cops, and sucking face. THE DREAM.

These are not our parents. These are the people our parents warned us about. 

Joyce is no longer the responsible mom worried about Buffy's safety and SAT score, but a giggling party girl who craves sweet candy and salty Ripper. Gone is the respectable, bespectacled Giles. In his place is the grungy hellion who's ever-ready for a fight or a frak. And he's wearing JEANS. 

Joyce and Ripper were total brats who told Buffy "Screw you" and "Sod off" for trying to ruin their good time. And we loved them for it.

And more than that, it gave both of Buffy's put-upon parents a chance to flip the tables and show her what it feels like to really worry about someone you love. 

Also, Joyce and Ripper totally banged on that cop car, right? 

Right. Thought so. 

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