Chosen One of the Day: That fashionable hall monitor in Nightmare on Elm Street

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Jun 6, 2018

The 1984 film A Nightmare on Elm Street is full of blood, gore, and, above all else, LEWKS. Pink pastel sweater vest over pink pastel buttondown? It's got it. Crop-top football jerseys for the male teen on the go? Check. Hideous red-and-green-striped sweaters? The film has MULTIPLE. Because we all know Freddy's stanky sartorial nightmare on Look Street, but what about its other appearance, courtesy of one very professional hall monitor?


Be-ribboned pigtails with a side-swept bang atop a deeply prison chic sweater mixed with a dash of "but make it Christmas tho." Could your Fashion Week fave ever? 

Of course, if you're not doing nails, you're not doing drag/whatever this '80s effery is.


I mean, nothing can save a bad outfit like attitude and commitment, and this off-brand Natalie from Facts of Life has it in spades. Screw your pass, but yas your steeze, girl.

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