Chosen One of the Day: That one 'Event Horizon' scene that's secretly your favorite, admit it

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Oct 6, 2017, 10:00 AM EDT

In the words of the great philosophers They Might Be Giants, "I want to raise my freak flag higher and higher, and never be alone." With their wisdom in mind, I too wish to lift my flag of freakdom, knowing I'm not alone. That flag, in bold red letters, is emblazoned with the words "My favorite scene in Event Horizon is that nasty one." 

Event Horizon is the best Paul W.S. Anderson movie. As that bar is ankle-level, it's not a particularly great movie. But it is endlessly enjoyable. Sam Neill gouges his own eyes out! Who among us could argue that a scene like that couldn't have improved Jurassic Park? The film's best scenes are nasty a.f. and steeped in hellscapes and blood orgies like the worst kind of tea that you definitely shouldn't drink, but this is a simile about cinematic grodery, so it's a compliment. 



But the ultimate scene of the film is that aforementioned found-footage orgy of gore. And, according to the film's commentary, it was almost a whole lot worse/better, depending on the mast of your freak flag.

Effects supervisor Dave Bonneywell has described his time shooting the sequence and some of the gruesome details that didn’t make it. Deleted shots include a female crew member who had her mouth held open by clamps while a crazed guy performs amateur dentistry by drilling screws into her teeth. Another unlucky chap has his legs smashed apart by steel bars and crawls away leaving parts of them behind, while another crew member had her breasts torn off. The scene also included more cannibalism and sex, with adult performers being hired to simulate the errr, intensity of the scene. The director realised most of it probably wouldn't be used, but he filmed it regardless.

If you're like me, you're saddened by your loss. Because, in the words of That's So Raven, YA NASTY. And I get it. Someone on YouTube slowed the scene way down to capture all the ultra-violence, so if you're into that, here you go. This is a judgment-free safe space of grotesquerie. Be you -- be a big gross perv. I GET IT.

Where we're going, we won't need eyes. So love and light to those who Sam Neilled their own eyeballs out somewhere around the beginning of this post.

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