Chosen One Of The Day: That Sexy Dance-Off In 'Once Bitten'

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Feb 28, 2018, 11:47 AM EST (Updated)

Ahead of the divine sci-fi musical Earth Girls Are Easy, Jim Carrey fronted in a kooky vampire sex comedy called Once BittenReleased in 1985, the movie is littered with jokes that haven't aged well (like a cringe-inducing shower gag). But like a streak of lightning across the night's sky, a brilliant scene lies within this virgin-boy-meets-vampire-cougar tale. Of course, I'm referring to the "Hands Off" dance number.

Before Brandy and Monica belted "The Boy Is Mine," there was this epic dance battle over the body and soul of Carrey's easily seduced dude. Gap-toothed glamor girl Lauren Hutton stars as Countess, a sexy vampiress thirsting for the virgin blood of a gawky college student, Mark Kendall (Carrey). But Mark's girlfriend Robin (Karen Kopins) won't stand for the Countess' button-biting pursuit of her man. Things come to a head during a Halloween dance. 

It begins innocently enough with Robin -- dressed as Jill ("sans Jack") -- and Mark -- who is not wearing a vampire costume -- bopping about with their co-ed buddies. Then the Countess cuts in, sporting a solid Zantanna cosplay. 

But, Robin's not going to let some sexy magician get between her and her man. 

This cutesy couple has fun together! Good wholesome "let's pretend our bodies are instruments so we don't give into our natural, lusty urges" fun! 

But how can Robin hope to compete with the Countess's body-ody-ody? 

She strips down to the sexy yet sweet leotard-and-lace look that every good girl of the '80s had ever at the ready. (Because dance-offs could happen anywhere, anytime!) 

This dance-off is a fantasy for both sides. Straight men dream of having two beautiful women fight over them, preferably while wearing sexy costumes. Women dream of resolving our differences and winning love through the art of competitive dance, as seen in such beloved touchstones of cinema as Dirty Dancing, Save the Last Dance, Step Up, and -- yes! -- Once Bitten.  

Check out the full and fantastic scene here, to revisit, enjoy, and commit its moves to memory in case the need to dance-battle for your love arises. 

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