Chosen One of the Day: The clothing Diana leaves all over Europe in Wonder Woman

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Sep 7, 2017

It’s an age-old question in the realm of superheroes. When your job requires you to dress in flashy, colorful outfits in order to save the day while maintaining a secret identity -- and possibly a day job -- how exactly do you go about changing your clothes?

For Clark Kent, that answer comes in the form of various phone booths. For the Flash, it’s super speed. For Batman, it’s … I don’t know, actually. Other than the suits Bruce wears to fancy events, I think maybe he sleeps in the cowl, a la LEGO Batman.

What about Wonder Woman? Well, in the 1970s, she seemed to be able to shed her pedestrian clothing by some sort of magic generated by spinning.

But in this new age, as Wonder Woman headed to the big screen (and now the small screen as she makes her way into our living rooms on home video), Diana Prince no longer swaps out her wardrobe in a whirlwind of sorcery and crossfades.

Instead, today’s Diana has … the great outdoors?

Multiple times throughout this summer’s Wonder Woman, as Diana travels with Steve Trevor and their team through the worst part of the German front of World War I, the titular hero is faced with the need to dramatically shed her outer layer of clothing to triumphantly bound into battle in her trademark red, blue, and gold. But while there is a level of sense to her form-fitting outfit fitting beneath all manner of clothing -- from cloaks and early 20th-century feminine suits and even evening gowns (?) -- there is one thing the location does not afford: any appropriate rooms to facilitate a quick change.

Instead, Diana simply tosses off her unneeded layers of clothing, allowing them to fall at her feet (or blow behind her) as she leaves them in the dust, unneeded in her current, more heroic endeavors.

So the question then is: What exactly happens to all of these articles of clothing after she sheds them? Are there merely elegant, seemingly expensive, barely used pieces of feminine attire blowing in the breeze throughout Western Europe? Do Germans come across them in their daily lives picking up the pieces after the end of the War to End All Wars and tell stories of the mysterious woman who tore off her outer layer of skin to reveal the hero beneath, shucking off the binds of female sartorial shackles to barrel through the German army like some kind of exotic avenging angel?

Perhaps the greatest question, though, is this. Who was in charge of making sure she got her cloak back after the assault on No Man’s Land? Is anyone else picturing an eager young soldier picking through the remains of the trenches, digging for this strange woman’s practical yet stylish outerwear?

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