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Chosen One of the Day: The Doctor

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Mar 26, 2020, 10:30 AM EDT

Right now, we need a doctor. And when we need her most, there she is. Hiding in a closet. The Doctor — she's just like us!

Yesterday, Jodie Whittaker delivered unto us a literal gift. In full Doctor regalia, Whittaker filmed herself as the beloved character with the best shelter-in-place setup in all of time and space (the TARDIS has a pool! Never forget!) giving an "emergency transmission" of hope, love, and SCIENCE to the world. Also she's hiding from Sontarans but you didn't hear that from me, she said not to tell.

"One: Remember — you’ll get through this. And things will be all right, even if they look uncertain. Even if you’re worried, darkness never prevails.

Two: Tell jokes, even bad ones. Especially bad ones. I’m brilliant at bad ones.

Three: Be kind. Even kinder than you were yesterday, and I know you were super kind yesterday. Look out for each other. You won't be the only one worried. Talking will help, sharing will help. Look out for your friends, your neighbors, people you hardly know, and family, ’cause in the end, we're all family. 

Four: Listen to science, and listen to doctors, right? They’ve got your back.

Five: Stay strong. Stay positive. You've got this. And I will see you very soon."

Our lady of perpetual hope/cropped pants is always there for us when we need her and we REALLY need her right now. So thank you Jodie for popping on that truly stellar coat and more earrings than a pirate king, hiding in your cupboard like a blonde can of beans, and giving us the warm and fuzzies. 

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