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Chosen One of the Day: The Eggo waffles in Stranger Things

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Mar 2, 2018, 6:39 PM EST (Updated)

Eggo's brand game is strong. Not only did they launch the brilliant "Leggo my Eggo" phrase that has been brainwashed (in a good way) into the subconscious of every child of the last four decades, but they also managed to make it so I never questioned until this very moment why they call a frozen waffle an "Eggo."

The Eggo brand was recently reinvigorated, as the waffles are the only food Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) eats in Stranger Things. If she had grown up with a normal childhood, she would've undoubtedly screamed "LEGGO MY EGGO!" at least twice during the show's short tenure.

But could she beat grandma? Debatable.

Beginning in Season 1, Eleven escaped captivity and made her way into town, where she first came across a diner and scarfed down a burger. Now, we all know how delicious and greasy diner burgers are. She then sampled some ice cream. It was even straight out of the pint, so you know it tasted perfect. But the moment she was handed an Eggo frozen waffle, her entire life changed. Okay, so it probably had a little bit to do with meeting her soulmate Mike (Finn Wolfhard), but it's like 95% because of the waffles.

Just imagine the plethora of food options Eleven could enjoy. She's been held captive for YEARS, but once she gets a taste of those Eggos, she doesn't turn back. Her need for those waffles makes her do the most intense things. She straight up resorts to thievery to get her supply. And not just one box.

Credit: Stranger Things / Netflix

Why? BECAUSE ONE BOX OF EGGOS IS NEVER ENOUGH. Is it possible that Eleven is the first documented case of Eggo addiction? She's certainly not the first person to steal four boxes, but maybe the first to do it while giving so few F**KS.

Credit: Stranger Things / Netflix

So grab that fourth box of Eggos. You deserve it.

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