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Chosen One of the Day: The ghost who showed Dan Aykroyd a great time in Ghostbusters

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Nov 15, 2018, 4:08 PM EST (Updated)

Who would you say is your favorite movie ghost? Is it Beetlejuice? Pottery-loving Patrick Swayze? Casper? The creepy murder twins from The Shining? Is it the ghost who gives Dan Aykroyd a beej in Ghostbusters?


Probably not that last one! Which is why we are here to pay tribute to her today. There is no need to kinkshame a ghost just because she was loosed back onto the mortal coil and proceeded to fulfill her lifelong (deathlong) dream of going down on the least sexually desirable member of the Ghostbusters. Sorry, Ray. (The most sexually desirable is Spengler. You know it, and so does Janine.)

Now, going down on Stantz is not what I personally would do if I came back from the dead. There are a lot of other people I would rather perform supernatural sex acts with. I'm going to start that list with: people who are not Dan Aykroyd characters. And they’d probably want to perform them with me, too, because we all know that ghosts are great at boning down despite not having any actual bones. These are science facts.

In reality, I'd probably just take a lot of naps.

But I’m getting off track. Back to the original point: There is no need to shame this spectral force who—again, for the last time—came back from the dead and gave Dan Aykroyd a beej. She contributed to what is one of the most cringeworthy scenes in an otherwise beloved movie, sure, but that is not her fault. There are no schlongs in the afterlife, and a girl needs what a girl needs. You gotta make do.

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