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Chosen One of the Day: The glistening, epic handshake from Predator (1987)

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Sep 14, 2018, 2:41 PM EDT (Updated)

The first Predator movie is iconic for several reasons. Then again, the inaugural film that launches any brand-new franchise is often pretty memorable, but there are a lot of things to love about Predator 1987 specifically.

There's the fact that it contains one of the most memorable lines to be uttered by Arnold Schwarzenegger in film history, thus redefining how the word "chopper" would be pronounced by almost an entire generation. There's the evil, downright diabolical laugh uttered by the Predator itself after its down-and-dirty fight to the death with Schwarzenegger's Dutch.

But there's one scene that has been meme-ified time and time again, and with good reason: the reunion between Dutch and Dillon (played by consummate stew maker Carl Weathers), in which they clasp hands in greeting at the beginning of the film. Let us unpack.

Frankly, there's a LOT to take in here. The scene itself ratchets up the tension, which immediately breaks once you realize that Dutch and Dillon are longtime friends rather than fated enemies. They don't shake hands so much as clasp them, and the camera makes the very deliberate decision to push in on those strong, glistening biceps and flexors. Then there's the fact that they continue to hold hands in a spontaneous arm wrestle, muscles straining, pushing, both men fighting for dominance, a moment only punctuated when Dutch leans in and asks Dillon if he's had enough. AHEM.

A scene possibly laced with homoeroticism? Who's to say? But there's no denying either way that this moment has earned its place in the annals of meme history for the utterly shameless display of masculinity AND friendship! It's a combo that will truly stand the test of time.

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