Chosen One of the Day: The hippie parents on Marvel's Runaways

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Dec 7, 2017

Marvel's latest TV show Runaways is all about teenagers discovering that their parents are in an evil cult and murder innocent victims. There's also a Scientology-type church and something that resembles the Disney Channel Original Movie Smart House. Oh, and the teens have superpowers. There is A LOT going on, and there have only been five episodes.

The parents of the Runaways are all terrible humans, but there is a pair a little less awful than the rest. Stacey and Dale Yorkes aren't like the others. Parents of Gert and Molly, Stacey and Dale are approachable and clearly love their children. Sure, they are in the cult, but they don't seem all that sold on the whole murder and sacrifice thing. They are wealthy but down-to-earth. They are terrible liars. They roll their eyes at the fancy cars and bring homemade brie to cult gatherings. 

And the best part about Stacey and Dale? They have a dinosaur.


Yes, they have somehow engineered a prehistoric dinosaur and are housing it in their basement. For "protection." Like a scaly, out-of-control guard dog that only their oldest daughter can control (except that they had no idea Gert was psychically connected to it, so how exactly were they planning on controlling it?). What does it eat? Is it house-trained? I have questions.

Plus, they came up with a plan to run away themselves. See? Not as high on the evil scale. Who knows, maybe we can woo them over to the good side. 


But they gotta bring the dinosaur and that homemade brie along too. It's a dealbreaker.

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