Chosen One of the Day: The homicidal tattoo voiced by Jodie Foster on The X-Files

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:07 AM EDT (Updated)

The X-Files was always a bit dramatic, and a bit unexpected, and a lot weird. But sometimes it got downright bizarre.

This was precisely the case in the fourth-season episode "Never Again," which sees Agent Scully breaking away from Mulder for a bit, chasing a case of her own, spurred by some animosity over her treatment by her partner, and his seeming refusal to give her a desk. You might also know this episode as the one where Scully gets a tattoo.


Or the one where she makes this face while getting it.

Or maybe you know it as the one where she is almost murdered by a tattoo.

Tattoos can be addicting. Once you get one, you tend to go back again and again until you start running out of space. Normally, though, they don't talk to you.

Then again, most tattoos aren't on the arms of characters in The X-Files

Then again, again, if your tattoo had the voice of Jodie Foster, you might listen to her demands, even if those demands force you to knock Gillian Anderson unconscious and stuff her into a furnace. All because she got it on with the guy whose arm you've been stabbed into.

Sure, you can claim it's because of the delusions caused by ergot poisoning. Maybe it's a cautionary tale about not going to shady tattoo parlors when you're in a state of emotional distress. Personally, I think it's a cautionary tale about making sure your tattoo isn't haunted. Think there's aftercare for that?

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