Chosen One of the Day: The Lemon Drink Lady from 'The Happening'

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Jan 14, 2019, 2:03 PM EST (Updated)

By the time The Happening was released in 2008, we as a population were largely over M. Night Shyamalan. This over-it-ness came mostly courtesy of Lady in the Water, in which he cast himself as the writer who would save the world following cameo appearances in his previous films so wrought and unsubtle Stan Lee would blush. 

The man has made some less-than-great cinema. The Happening viewed through one lens is very much the most vivid example of this. It is not a good movie. But viewed through another lens, it is quite possibly the most enjoyable film of the aughts. Because it is banana-pants bonkers. Every moment, every acting choice, every everything is so strange and unthinkable that it creates this cacophony of terrible so wonderful it becomes beautiful.

And there is no better example than the Lemon Drink lady.

I have so many questions. Why is she calling it "lemon drink"? Why does she assume this petrified Wahlbergman is eyeing it and not her? Why is she using that specific cadence, tone, and word emphasis? Because The Happening. That's why.

The Lemon Drink lady (who apparently has a character name but I choose not to use it) is played by the iconic Betty Buckley. A veteran of stage and screen, it is certain that every choice she made was a choice. We may never know why. 

The only way her character could have been weirder/better is if Shyamalan had her bust into her (previously) most iconic role.

Missed opportunity, really.

Anyway, then she runs into walls and windows until she dies. I cannot overstate how weird this movie is.

But we'll never forget you, Lemon Drink lady. Rest in lemons.

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