Chosen One of the Day: The little girl in Justice League who was ready to take on the parademons

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Mar 27, 2021, 1:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Last month, when Justice League finally hit theaters, the world was introduced to a brand-new hero. One for the ages. Someone who we will look up to for eons to come and whose bravery will be sung about in the annals of history.

No, I'm not talking about Superman, or Batman, or our new heroes, the Flash and Cyborg. 

I'm not even talking about Wonder Woman, though she is the sole bastion of hope in the bleak world of the DCEU.

Or she was, until now. Because now we have a new hero, and she carries with her a weapon of noxious fumes. She is also something like 8 years old. Big things come in small packages.

If you're confused, allow me to explain. About midway through the movie, we are introduced to a Russian family living in the part of the world where Steppenwolf has decided to set up his swirly camp of Mother Boxes and world destruction. The family has a couple parents and a couple kids, including a little girl who, upon initially seeing a swarm of angry parademons swirling around outside her window, hides under the table.


But it's what she does later that truly cuts to the essence of this character. As her father paces the house with his gun, all protective-like, this little girl climbs out of her hiding place, crawls to the kitchen sink, and pulls out a can of what is essentially Russian RAID. 


After confirming that it is, in fact, what she was looking for, she pops the top of the can like she's loading a pistol and then stares up at the sky, daring the parademons to attack her family. 

She is my hero.

Near the end of the movie, when their house is about to be destroyed, her dad throws the family in the back of his truck and I'm pretty sure she is still holding that can of bug bomb. It's been weeks and still my biggest pet peeve -- in a movie with many flaws -- is that we never actually got to see this little girl face down a parademon, defiant look on her face and bug bomb in her hand. 

So, what are the chances DC and Warner Bros. are planning to give this girl a suit and her own seat at the big round table?

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