Chosen One of the Day: The many many sounds of Jeff Goldblum

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Oct 23, 2018, 3:48 PM EDT (Updated)

It may be Jeff Goldblum's birthday this month, but we are the ones who've been given gifts. So many gifts. And one of his greatest gifts is that of his delightful noises.

From his signature stammer to his libidinous laughter, even every sound out of his mouth is a lovingly wrapped present we eagerly open time and time again, no matter how many times we've heard it.

Um, indeed. With a side of "uh" while you're at it please.

Pop quiz: Is it better, worse, or weird that one of those sounds is definitely his sex sound? Probably a bunch of them. Try listening to that video without watching it, as I am right now, allowing it to be the soundtrack of your various tasks. It's 100 percent NSFW. Such is his power, to give us such good aural without even trying. It's like it's all of our birthdays.

And the thing is, he KNOWS. He told Nerdist, “I know when people… do imitations of me. I go ‘Oh yeah, I get [it].’ Or when they say, ‘Do it like Jeff Goldblum,’ I can do a kind of imitation of myself. You know, stammer and stutter or something, some version of that. I don’t do it for effect or I haven’t developed it for some kind of, some sort of, uh, thing. This is just the way it’s kind of developed.”

As someone for whom a Jeff Goldblum thing also just kind of developed, we get it, boo.

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