Chosen One of the Day: The many wigs of The Craft

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Jan 15, 2018, 10:15 AM EST

One of my favorite movies ever, a film I will defend till my dying breath, The Craft is a teen girl angst classic, an iconic celebration of the '90s fascination with Wicca, and, above all else, a veritable wig parade.

The most notable wig of all is the one perched upon the head of our hero Sarah, played by Robin Tunney.


Tunney, a terribly underrated and underused actress, famously went all "Sinead O'Rebellion" for Empire Records right before shooting The Craft and wears a wig throughout the film. I am honestly one of the few people who maintain the wig isn't all that bad. Though it does have its questionable moments.


Of course, then there's the moment in the film where Sarah shows her magical skillz by performing a glamour on herself and turning her hair blonde. That's where things go off the follicular rails.

But Sarah isn't alone in her tenuous wig work. In fact, the true coiffurial standout of the film is whatever wispy spirit gum nightmare was affixed to the head of the horrible racist Laura Lizzie, as portrayed by Christine Taylor, who apparently has a good head for bald caps, because it became a strange form of typecasting.

In the film, Rochelle, played by Rachel True, is a constant victim of horrid bitch Laura "I don't like negroids" Lizzie, so Sarah puts a hair hex on her. Leading to this moment, where she screams, "What did I do to deserve this!?"


Rochelle feels bad, which, like, don't. She's racist trashgarbage. You're good, Rochelle. But this phenomenal Hulk Hogan nothing-on-top-party-below realness is nothing compared to what Laura uses to cope with her newfound struggle:


If that's not the same wig they used in the glamour scene, then congratulations to the hair team on this film—you found the two ugliest wigs in Los Angeles.

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