Chosen One of the Day: the many, many pants of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Aug 24, 2017

So, the internet has been much abuzz about Joss Whedon this week. Everyone has had a take, emotions are high and feelings are complex. But this is a space of positivity and joy and whatever it is Rebecca did to us yesterday because she's an actual monster, so let's not focus on an inability to keep it in one's pants when instead we can focus on pants. Specifically, Buffy pants. Because, good god y'all, that show had some PANTS.

There were patterened pants.


Pants as rich and plaid as the day is long.


Pants as patchwork and disparate as our core group of friends.


Pants as bedazzled and embroidered as our dreams, I say, our very dreams!


But mostly there was leather.


A lot of leather.


Just so much leather.


More cows were dusted than vampires.


And then, of course, there were the majestic times that required no pants at all.


Now go forth, changed and bettered by this array of fabrics and materials. May your days be as varied and nonsensical as the pants choices of our Scoobies and Scooby-adjacents. 

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