Chosen One Of The Day: The nightmare bear from Annihilation

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Feb 26, 2018, 4:16 PM EST (Updated)

In Annihilation, there's plenty of unnerving visuals and haunting reveals. But Alex Garland's trippy adaptation of Jeff VanderMeer's sci-fi adventure novel offers nothing so chilling and unforgettable as the movie's murderous nightmare bear. 

Spoilers ahead of Annihilation

Oh, nightmare bear. We first came across you in the night, when you tore through the perimeter fence like it was "a f*cking zipper." Despite three trained operatives with guns at the ready, you slipped your muscular, hulking form through the tall grass, snatching up poor Sheppard as if she was a bag of Doritos. You were a blur of fur and horror as your jaws sank into her, and just like that you were gone, the only sign of either of you Sheppard's disturbing but dwindling cries for help. 

But you would return. 

You tracked our heroines through sweltering swamplands and flower-people fields, finding them in a rundown house. There you deigned to give them and us a good look at you. Your body that of an enormous merciless bear, big, furry, powerful. Your claws long, sharp, and still mucked with Sheppard's blood. But your face was a unique terror, nightmare bear. The extraterrestrial evolution played havoc there, growing a gnarl of teeth and bone that made you seem at once dead and alive, intriguing yet terrifying. And then you spoke. 


Well, not so much spoke as wailed. Her wails. Sheppard's dying cries spilled over those fangs and through that exposed skull, a harrowing taunt at her surviving friends. With each yowl, you dared them to be provoked, and to join her. While these silly humans were still in the midst of their journey, you were concluding yours, having achieved pure nightmare status. 

Cheers to you, bear. Be seeing you in my (bad) dreams. 

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