Yuri on Ice - Triplets

Chosen One of the Day: The Nishigori Triplets from Yuri on Ice

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May 7, 2018

Meet the aptly named Axel, Lutz, and Loop, aka the Nishigori triplets who are the physical embodiment of Tumblr on the Japanese anime Yuri!!! on Ice. The show is all about the figure skating, and these triplets are the ultimate fangirls. They are unabashedly OBSESSED, and that's our literal jam over here at SYFY FANGRRLS.

Axel, Lutz, and Loop also happen to be the catalyst for the entire show. Their mom's childhood friend Yuri Katsuki returns to town at what appears to be the disappointing end of his figure-skating career feeling lost and depressed. So naturally, they comment on his weight gain and ask if he's ever had a girlfriend. Kids, AMIRITE?

Then without his knowledge, they film him recreating the routine of the skater he's obsessed (in love?) with and UPLOAD IT TO THE INTERNET. Yes, they are those friends. The ones who broadcast your sloppy, drunk karaoke rendition of "The Winner Takes It All" live on their Instagram stories. In this case, however, it paid off, because the video goes viral and Yuri's fave skater Victor Nikiforo flies into town and decides he'll take Yuri on as his project and coach him to success.

This is exactly like if your friend embarrassingly told your crush you liked them and you swore you'd never speak to her again but then you and your crush end up married and she's your Maid of Honor. This has never happened to me so I'm just guessing.

Yuri on Ice - Triplets

Credit: Yuri!!! on Ice

ANYWAY, the triplets are honestly SUCH FANS. They stay up late to watch performances online. They are all up on Instagram and Tumblr posting in the skating fandom. They made their own Victor-based phone cases. As you surely know, fandom phone cases are the ultimate sign of a true fangirl. And they're only children! They still have so much more to learn!

But the coolest thing about the triplets is just how much they let their excitement show constantly. They aren't brushed aside or laughed at. They are encouraged to be passionate about what they love, just as we should all be. Oh, and they were named after figure skating jumps, so it's pretty clear their parents set them up for this life.