Chosen One of the Day: The real MVPs of Street Fighter

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Jan 8, 2019

The fighters in Street Fighter like to get right down to throwing hands whenever and wherever, making the makeshift crowds that cheer these fighters on the true MVPs of the game. They’ve been a steady constant throughout the long-running Street Fighter series and they deserve some recognition for their contribution to the games. Truly, they are the ultimate hype masters.

No matter the day, time, or location, they are ready to give their undivided attention and enjoy a good old fashion street brawl, putting themselves at risk of wayward hadoukens and super lightning kicks. In Street Fighter III: New Generation, there is a guy who is obviously trying to enjoy a beautiful day out with his wife and side chick before a fight kicks off...


... possibly giving them all something to talk about over dinner later. They stand there while cheering on the fighters like it's absolutely nothing. In the same game, when a fight starts near a hot spring, both animals and humans enjoy a luxurious soak while Blanka super beast rolls into Ken. Risking it all because at any moment an electric lightning punch from Blanka could turn their soak into a deep-fry experience.


Everyday citizens at a local supermarket in Street Fighter II are just shopping for weekly groceries and then all of sudden they have yoga flames going right by them as they try to figure out if the avocados are any good. Even soldiers on an airforce base take a moment to stop what they're doing to cheer on a match. 


Regardless of all the very real risks of a special combo gone wrong, the makeshift crowds of the Street Fighter universe remain cheering on the Dhalsims, Guiles, and Chun-Lis of the world. For that, we cheer them on. 

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