Chosen One of the Day: The sexy candle ghost that seduces Dr. Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Jan 25, 2018

Over the course of Star Trek: The Next Generation's seven seasons, there were some pretty wacky episodes. Like the one where Geordi La Forge built himself a holographic version of the girl he was crushing on. Or the one where a young Ashley Judd guest-starred that predated Google Glass by a good several decades. Or the one where the Enterprise crew all became kid versions of themselves. Yep. That happened too.

But maybe, just maybe, the wackiest TNG episode of all was Season 7's "Sub Rosa," also known as the one where Enterprise chief medical officer Dr. Beverly Crusher fell in love with a sexy candle space ghost.

After her grandmother Howard passes away, Dr. Crusher is going through her belongings when she comes across an old candle and Grandma's journal. She eventually discovers that said candle is possessed by an anaphasic lifeform named Ronin who pops out every once in a while to seduce the women of Dr. Crusher's family. In other words, he survives by banging her family tree.

Naturally, when Ronin takes human form, he winds up looking like a guy who belongs on the cover of a historical romance novel. 


See? Not bad for early '90s standards.

However, there are a couple scenes where Ronin pleasures Bev in his "ghost" form, and those will never not be completely awkward and uncomfortable. 

Eventually, Dr. Crusher comes to her senses, realizes that she actually loves Jean-Luc Picard (even if she doesn't know it yet) and vanquishes Ronin by shooting at him with a phaser.

This, of course, doesn't happen before Ronin decides he has to get in Grandma Howard one last time (wink wink), and he does that by possessing her corpse to try and zap Data and Geordi -- who are just there to try and help, you guys. 

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