Chosen One of the Day: The super team up we deserve

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Oct 9, 2017, 12:24 PM EDT (Updated)

Another year, another New York Comic Con comes to a close. Every year, the annual event offers endless things to celebrate, from the countless incredible creators in Artist Alley and on the Show Floor to the insightful panels about diversity and, of course, the big TV premieres and bigger announcements. But there's nothing we love more than the amazingly creative cosplay you can find all over the convention floor. Hundreds of fans come out to celebrate their favorite characters, sometimes offering their own spin on some cultural favorites.

Those personal twists often offer fans a chance to flip the script, taking the core traits of a character they love but adapting it to fit more in line with their dreams of the world or the heroes they wish really existed. Such was the case for what was easily one of our favorite groups of cosplayers at this year's NYCC.

While walking the convention floor on Friday, we stumbled upon a unique group doing their own takes on some iconic heroes, and it got us a little choked up (we just have a lot of feelings, okay?!).

When we saw these three ladies, we knew this was the future of comic book heroes we wanted most to see. After all, who doesn't enjoy the thought of a contingent of ethnically diverse Superfamily members (especially since basically everyone is super now), or the image of a kimono-clad Captain America fighting off Nazis with her fans and badass martial arts skills? And you've got to admit, that bedazzled shield the lovely Agent Carter is wielding certainly seems like it would knock out a few extra teeth ... or at the very least leave some serious marks on those Nazi faces she's been kicking in.

But it was the response we saw online that really showed how much we want and need these characters. Our tweet of our new favorite superhero team-up spread like extremely nerdy wildfire, and the comments expressed by fans of every age, gender, and background were often inspiring.

Obviously we need to make these characters a reality, at least in the pages of some comic books. So, who has Geoff Johns and Axel Alonso on speed dial?

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