Chosen One of the Day: The Twitter account of David Harbour dancing to random songs

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Nov 8, 2017, 12:47 PM EST (Updated)

Netflix's sci-fi nostalgia show Stranger Things isn't exactly a comedy -- unless you're just counting hairstyles. Bingeing Season 2 of the show was how many fans spent their Halloween weekends, and while the show is pretty serious (as serious as chasing a Demogorgon around town in 1984 can be), there were a few moments of levity.

The cliffhanger at the end of Season 1 left us wondering whether Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) had a toaster hidden in the woods to toast those frozen Eggo waffles, because COME ON you can't just eat them cold. In Season 2, we learned that Sheriff Hopper (David Harbour) was keeping Eleven in a secret cabin to protect her from discovery. It's less creepy than it sounds.

Hawkins, Indiana, doesn't seem like the type of town to have a club scene, but Hopper clearly caught some of The Rhythm of the '80s. In Episode 3, Hopper is attempting to convince Eleven to help clean up the gross cabin she's trapped in and decides to do what can only be described as a "Dad Dance" to cheer her up. And thus the @HopperDancingTo Twitter account was born. The account is exactly what you think: an account devoted to the 24 seconds of Hopper dancing set to a variety of different songs.

Like this classic:

And this classic:

But wait! The account got recognized by The Man Himself David Harbour -- who apparently finds it all pretty adorable.

@HopperDancingTo hit 24,000 Twitter followers just days after the dancing event first came to light. And so they called on Bruno Mars to celebrate that 24K magic.

Now we're just wondering how many "Hopper Dancing Memes" we'll see on Halloween 2018.

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