Chosen One of the Day: The universe's luckiest space pod from Supernova

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Dec 13, 2018, 12:17 PM EST (Updated)

Supernova wishes it could have been the Event Horizon of 2000. Unfortunately, it’s not even close, but it sort of makes up for its shortcomings by giving us one of the luckiest space pods in sci-fi film history: the pod that held both Angela Bassett and a very toned James Spader at the same damn time.

Space pods have a terrible track record in sci-fi movies. They are usually the location of horrific death. In fact, a space pod is where the captain of the medical ship in Supernova meets a horrible demise.


It’s safe to say no one on the Nightingale 229 was eager to jump back in the pods even after surviving getting picked off one by one. But the pod that held both Angela Bassett and James Spader during the dimensional jump back to earth more than makes up for the failings of its pod brethren.

If there was a space pod hall of fame, this pod would be right somewhere between the pod that managed to keep Ripley arrive while she floated around in space and the space pod that safely housed Finn while he recovered. How it managed to keep both occupants alive is truly a space pod miracle. Any other pod may have malfunctioned with the momentous honor of having Angela Bassett it in it. Adding a P90x James Spader to the mix is just simply too much. Space pod MVP.

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