Chosen One of the Day: This literal basketcase from Legion

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Apr 24, 2018, 4:45 PM EDT (Updated)

Considering how off the walls the first season of Legion got, there was perhaps some concern that the second wouldn’t be able to compete. But, y’all, we needn’t have feared. We’ve still got David and Syd leaving space for the Holy Spirit in their no-touching bed, we’ve still got ridiculous (and by that I mean amazing) dance-off sequences to represent mind battles, and we’ve still got Jean Smart, who, while she’s not actually carrying around a glass of white wine, is just totally living that latter-day Designing Women life as she mutters about the uselessness of men.

But we also have this guy.


Admiral Fukyama, the mechanically augmented leader of the wait but weren’t they the baddies though government agency Division 3. The Admiral had a horrific experience as a child where someone was like “Hey where should this machine go?” and then saw his head and went “Ah yes, right there, OK.

As a result, he’s horrifically disfigured and wears this basket over his head. Like you do. It's actually a pretty on-brand character quirk for a show where the main theme is “Sometimes my mind plays tricks on me.” You gotta love a character who can help you track evil and also help carry laundry if you need.

The Admiral is flanked at all times by the auto-tuned Tron-extra androids, Vermillion, through whom he speaks, and who are also just, like, the hugest fans of Billy Crudup’s character in Almost Famous.



As of this writing, we’re not entirely sure what’s under Fukyama's wicker basket, or if we’ll ever actually get to see it. It could be just a disfigured cyborg face. It could be just a series of smaller Admiral Fukyamas in smaller baskets. It could be a delightful selection of Bath & Body Works products that have been packaged together as a gift for Mother’s Day. It could be Nicolas Cage about to be burned alive by a bunch of women on an island who make honey and really don’t care for menfolk. It could be just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking her to love him. It could be bunnies. It must be bunnies!

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