Chosen One of the Day: Those Whos who got carjacked by the Grinch

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Dec 11, 2018

Holiday parties can be a mixed bag. There are a number of variables that could dictate the outcome. Is it an open bar or cash bar? How many times will Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas be played? Is the food catered or is it a potluck? Is there going to be a Grinch there? That is a question the tinier residents of Whoville would need to know. Unfortunately for this little Who couple, there indeed was a Grinch. Not only was there a Grinch, but this Grinch jacked their little Whocar.


All this couple wanted to do was safely escape a bunch of taller Whos stampeding around because the Grinch decided to set it off after being humiliated by that trifling mayor. They are the only smaller Whos we see in the How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Downtown Whoville doesn’t seem little-Who-friendly to begin with.

Tiny Whocars can’t be all that easy to come by. They clearly take a high-octane gas, maybe jet fuel. The way their car blows up after the Grinch crashes it, you’d think Michael Bay was directing the movie instead of Ron Howard. Not only did this tiny Who couple have to flee a holiday party in order to save their lives, they also had to file an insurance claim. Now the premium for their Whosurance is going to go up. Damn that Grinch.

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