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Chosen One of the Day: Tiffany from Bride of Chucky

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Jun 14, 2019, 10:31 AM EDT

With 1998’s Bride of Chucky, the Child’s Play franchise took a turn from relatively straightforward horror to horror-comedy, a change in tone that reached its peak with 2004’s uber-campy Seed of Chucky. Actually, the whole franchise reached its peak with Seed of Chucky. Sorry to the haters (there are a lot of them), but the other Child’s Play movies had neither a John Waters cameo nor a main character whose name is an Ed Wood reference, so honestly who gives a sh*t?

But before Seed of Chucky could run, Bride of Chucky had to walk. And walk it did — backwards and in miniature motorcycle boots. Tiffany Valentine was just what the franchise needed.

Credit: Universal Pictures

Played by Jennifer Tilly, Tiffany was Charles “Chucky” Lee Ray’s girlfriend before he used voodoo to transfer his spirit from his dying body into a virtually indestructible (OK, very destructible, but we’ve gotta have sequels) children’s doll. For most people, that would be a dealbreaker, but the thing about Tiffany is that she’s tenacious. The other thing about Tiffany is that she likes to murder people. ("I'll kill anybody, but I'll only sleep with someone I love.")

Chucky and Tiff might be soulmates, but they also don’t like each other most of the time. So when Chucky has the chance to tranfer Tiffany's spirit into a doll — punishment for trapping him in a crib because he’s an overall-wearing f*ckboy — he takes it. Tiffany's so fierce that the doe-eyed bride doll, upon being possessed, spontaneously sprouts black eyeliner. 

At turns independent and needy, Tiffany is the perfect foil to Chucky. Their tempestuous relationship adds dimension to a franchise which, after its third installment, had begun feeling a bit stale. The WTFery is amped up in Seed, when Tilly plays both Tiffany and... actress Jennifer Tilly... as herself... who's trying to turn her career around by landing the role of the Virgin Mary in a movie directed by rapper Redman, also playing himself. Look: I cannot emphasize enough how much you need to watch Seed of Chucky.

The Child's Play franchise gets rebooted with a new movie, out June 21, but as of 2017 the original franchise was still going strong, albeit in straight-to-video form. Whatever happens with this new version of the franchise, there will always be an alternate universe where Tiffany is out there slitting men's throats and telling Martha Stewart to kiss her shiny plastic butt.

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