Chosen One of the Day: Tom Cruise's eyeballs in Minority Report

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Mar 25, 2021, 6:08 AM EDT (Updated)

You're on the run from a futuristic police force. You've been flagged for a murder you haven't yet committed, and you're running through a world built to track your every movement using retinal scans positioned around what seems like every few feet. How do you escape?

Naturally, you have your eyes surgically removed and replaced by a black market doctor.

At least, that's what you do when you're Tom Cruise in Minority Report.


Luckily for audiences, the actual eye removal isn't really gross -- or shown -- so the biggest ick factor of the movie is the fact that he holds onto his old eyes. You know, just in case. You wouldn't want to be caught in a difficult situation without your emergency eyeballs, would you?

It's actually a good thing he held onto his old peepers, too, because they end up being a major part of the solution to all his problems.

First, he whips them out when he needs to infiltrate the Department of Pre-Crime, leading to a pretty excellent chase scene. I guess, technically, using them at this juncture also leads to his arrest, but those are just semantics.


The best use of his former eyeballs, though, is at the end of the film when they become a symbol for how unexpectedly badass his wife is. After her husband is arrested, Lara breaks into the holding facility and holds a gun to the warden's neck, demanding her husband be freed. When he asks how the hell she got in, she casually drops the baggie with her husband's eye on his desk, like a boss.

I still have so many questions about this scene. Like how did she manage to get into this facility using a criminal's eyes and not set off all the security alerts? Why doesn't this super fancy security system know the difference between functioning eyes and eyes that have been gouged out of a person (this seems like a serious flaw)?

Perhaps the biggest one, though, is how exactly did she come to be in possession of the eyes in the first place? I don't remember him passing them off to her at any point. Did she pick his pocket on the off chance she might need them? Did he have them delivered to her in a really gruesome package? Did the police return them to her as part of his "personal effects," and just not think twice about the fact that there were eyeballs in his pockets?

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