Chosen One of the Day: Troy from Out of This World

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Jun 21, 2017, 4:30 PM EDT

The '80s are a bottomless treasure trove of pop culture gems, one of which was the fantasy sitcom, Out of This World.

For those of you who just let out an audible "huh?" while reading this, Out of This World was about a 13-year-old girl named Evie who discovered she was half-alien, half-human and had supernatural powers she basically abused on the daily, because that's exactly what a 13-year-old with superpowers would do. Evie's parents had the longest distance relationship ever, because her dad, Troy, was still living on his home planet of Antareus while Evie (Maureen Flannigan) and her mom, Donna (Donna Pescow), were on Earth. As for Troy, he was resigned to doing all of his parenting and hubby duties via a cube cleverly called "the Cube."

Did I mention this show ran for four seasons?

One of my favorite things about Troy (aside from his hi-tech cube that looked almost like a Roxanne neon light-up phone) is how the opening credits show he basically stalked Donna before heading to Earth, and NO ONE thought this was even SLIGHTLY problematic. The '80s were truly a magical time.

The BEST thing about Troy was that he was voiced by Burt Reynolds. This makes sense, because Burt was really the only logical choice to voice an alien who knocks up his human wife then splits so he can live the single life on his home planet like an intergalactic player while she raises their mutant offspring.

But that wasn't even why Burt voicing Troy was the greatest thing ever. Out of This World had a number of guest "stars" ( I use that term loosely) like Trump A-lister Scott Baio and former NFLer Lyle Alzado (RIP) ... and one ABSOLUTE HOLLYWOOD LEGEND, Charles Nelson Reilly. Charles' guest role turned said episode into an accidental Cannonball Run 2 mini-reunion ( yes, I know the same could be said for Jamie Farr's guest appearance, but he's no CNR, so check yourself). Honestly I don't even remember if I saw this episode because the show ended in '91 and that may or may not be the year I discovered a special type of "cigarette," so any and all viewings may have been conducted while in an altered state.

Anyway, here's where I use COOTD as an excuse to share a clip of CNR as Don Don Canneloni in Cannonball Run 2 because I couldn't find one of him on Out of This World and because I felt like it.

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