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Chosen One of the Day: Tyrion Lannister, master of Westerosi drinking games

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May 16, 2019

“We fought dead things and lived to talk about it. If this isn’t time to drink, when is?”

The Lannisters are known for paying their debts, sleeping with their siblings and being sneaky on Game of Thrones, but they also have a proclivity for alcohol. It doesn't make this family unique, but they are certainly on brand when it comes to their habit, whether it is the cup of wine glued to Cersei’s hand or Tyrion’s reputation for both drinking and knowing things. Happy Hour in Westeros should be extended considering the current war climate, but these siblings don’t need to rely on the “It's 5 o’clock somewhere” mantra to get their booze on.

Gwendoline Christie as Brienne in Game of Thrones on HBO

Credit: HBO

Getting wasted the night the dead are about to knock at the gates of Winterfell was maybe not the best fighting strategy, but post-battle festivities is the ideal time to imbibe. It should come as no surprise that Tyrion has a suggestion and it is one we have seen before.

This particular game should seem familiar, and not just because it is essentially a spin on the classic relationship testing (and potentially ruining) game “I Never” (or "Never Have I Ever"). Back in Season 1, when he still had blonde hair, Tyrion introduced this game to Bronn and Shae explaining the rules as “I make a statement about your past, if I’m right you drink, if I’m wrong I drink.” Simple enough, while also allowing Tyrion to bask in his ability to judge people. While the latter talent has been questionable of late, he is all for another round of probing disguised as frivolity. But the problem with a game like this is it can get a little bit too personal, whether you are celebrating winning a battle against the dead or blowing off steam post-midterms.

Just as Shae didn’t want to play, Brienne is also reluctant. Jaime gets her liquored up by saying things he already knows to be true, cheating like the Lannister he is. During this original game, Tyrion tells a bleak story about his first wife, which is something Brienne brings up here. There is a lack of malice on her part, she’s just a little tipsy and overly enthusiastic, but when Tyrion states that Brienne is a virgin, it feels like he is trying to embarrass her in front of the guy she is crushing on. This is "Thrones: The College Years" boiled down to one scene.    

And just like that, it comes to a halt. Sweet darling Pod drinks in support of Brienne (and because he is also a virgin). It doesn’t matter if you are in Winterfell or a college dorm, these games always end with someone flexing their superiority. However, it does lead to Jamie following Brienne to her room where he wants to finish the game and they finally bone.

Maybe next time they should find the Westeros equivalent of a drinking game that isn't this emotionally messy, like beer pong or Fuzzy Duck. Well, that is, if there is anyone left to play by the end of the show. 


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