Chosen One of the Day: Wolf from The 10th Kingdom

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Jun 19, 2017

Back in the long-ago year of 2000, on the Hallmark Channel -- a cable network known for high-quality entertainment -- there premiered a 9-hour mini-series that would take viewers on a fantastic journey to a far away land.

It was called The 10th Kingdom and it was … actually a really well-realized fairy tale adaptation.

And much like fairy tales themselves, it was full of truly ridiculous characters and situations. Among them:

- A fish that gives you the powers of King Midas.

- Troll siblings who love disco music.

- A swamp full of talking plants that pretty much eats anyone who dares venture into it.

- A town whose entire economy (and legal system) is sheep based.

You get the idea.

It also has this guy.

His name is Wolf and, like his name suggests, he is a wolf. He is also basically the perfect man provided you don’t mind a man who eats everything in sight, has to tuck his tail away to minimize questions, has a few days every month when he’s not quite himself, and maybe has fleas.

Sure, he's persistent when it comes to relationships, but he puts in the work. He knows you're not just gonna change your mind him unless he's bettered himself, dealt with his own emotional baggage. He's romantic, going out of his way to plan the perfect evening. He didn't mean to spend all the money you were going to use to get home, he just HAD to get you that beautiful, not at all obnoxious singing ring. Bunnies are the only things that calm him down.

HE'S A READER. That alone should at least earn him your number. Plus, I mean, look at his face.

How can you say no to that?

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