Chosen One of the Day: Wrinkly Kong

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Dec 3, 2018, 12:05 PM EST (Updated)

Donkey Kong’s grandmother, Wrinkly, is one of the sweetest Kongs around. First appearing in Donkey Kong Country 2, she’s happy to help her family and friends out with a friendly hint. Her door is always open, be it at her office at Kong Kollege or at home in her caves. There’s just not a bad thing you can say about her. Even death can’t stop Wrinkly!

Oh, that’s right, I forgot to mention: Wrinkly Kong has been dead for almost 20 years. She has, essentially, refused to die, despite no longer being alive. Death came for Wrinkly Kong and you best believe he failed.

Nintendo's no stranger to fridging mothers. Zelda's mom is usually dead (to varying degrees of inflicting trauma on her daughter), and Bowser Jr. doesn't even HAVE a mom. But Wrinkly Kong spat directly in the Grim Reaper's eyes and said, "I will NOT go gently into that good fridge — how very dare you!”

Despite dying after Donkey Kong Country 3, she turns up in Donkey Kong 64 to offer hints, shrugging off the fact that she’s a ghost now, and is just, like, around. Whenever the Kongs congregate, you can bet Wrinkly’s there too, whether it's a day at the beach, the Jungle Jam competition, or a hearty round of Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. Even her trophy in Super Smash Bros. Wii U asks, “Why should a little thing like death stop her?”

The answer: It doesn’t. It cannot. What is dead may never die. And in the chillest corner of the Nintendo universe, there exists an ape upon whose form the Grim Reaper can find no purchase. And not just any ape — an ape granny with a kind heart and a will of steel. Should the Grim Reaper ever perish, it’s Wrinkly Kong who will appear at his side to take him away.

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