Chosen One of the Day: YoSaffBridge from Firefly

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Jan 18, 2018, 12:33 PM EST (Updated)

When the world discovered Christina Hendricks thanks to her role as Joan in Mad Men, Firefly fans the world over responded, "Um, yeah. Duh." Joan is great, but to us, Hendricks will always be the lovely and lethal Saffon Bridget Yolanda whoever she was. 

A serial marrier, a master manipulator, "a brilliant, beautiful, evil, double-crossing snake," we first met the con artist formerly known as Saffron when Mal accidentally married her (though it was only accidental to one party in the marriage). She then kissed him with that drug-laced lipstick fierce space brides seem to enjoy.

And lest we forget, she is responsible for this:


When we last see her, she's in a dumpster awaiting the arrival of authorities, but we're sure she lives to marry another day. Because, well, face it.

She does have a point there.

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