Chris Carter on chances of an X-Files reboot, the series' growing sci-fi legacy

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Jul 25, 2014, 10:54 AM EDT (Updated)

Though he’s ramping up his new series The After over at Amazon, Chris Carter will always be known as the mind behind The X-Files. So, what are the odds of the series coming back to life?

In a recent interview with Vulture, he was asked about the chances of a reboot of the iconic sci-fi series. Though Carter didn’t confirm anything imminently on the horizon, he did confirm that there have “certainly” been “conversations.” As little as it is, that’s still big news for fans.

The question came about because many execs from 20th Century Fox TV, the studio that produced The X-Files, are now higher-ups at the network itself — meaning they’d have the clout to reboot the series for a new generation if they see fit:

Vulture: The heads of 20th Century Fox TV, which produced The X-Files, are now also in charge of the Fox network. Does this make it more or less likely there’ll be some sort of reboot or sequel to the show? Things were tense between you and the suits at the studio for a while; you filed a big lawsuit against them.

Carter: “A lot of the people that were involved in that [lawsuit] have moved on. It’s the business. I’m very friendly with Gary and Dana. Dana and I basically cut our teeth at the same time. She was a publicist. It’s nice to go through your career with someone you have respect for and were in the trenches with. Dana and I sat in the same room during the first market testing of The X-Files. She was like a junior publicist, and I was this unproven producer. She was there at the beginning. So I owe her a lot. And certainly she and I have talked a lot about this.”

Vulture: Is that a way of saying a reboot is happening?

Carter: “That’s just a way of saying there certainly have been conversations.”

Considering that the odds keep getting longer and longer for a third X-Files film, it’s fascinating to think about the prospect of giving the series a proper reboot with a fresh slate. Yes, we love the original show as much as anyone, but wiping away all that convoluted canon for a new run doesn’t sound like the worst idea.

Carter also chatted a bit about the show’s legacy, considering the fact that’s its inspired a whole new generation of shows in its shadow over the past decade or so, and had some interesting thoughts on the topic:

Vulture: Do any shows on TV right now, in your mind, truly capture the ethos or spirit that you created with The X-Files? Have you seen Orphan Black?

Carter: “No, but I hear great things about it. There’s no one show that I want to point to. But it’s a really amazing time for television. People are always saying they were inspired by The X-Files, and making these connections. I don’t see the connections quite as clearly as other people do. But I can tell you that The X-Files learned many hard lessons, and I’m thankful when people tell me they’ve capitalized on the lessons we learned.”

Those “conversations” are apparently still in the early goings, but its great to hear there’s still hope for more X-Files — even if it does come in the form of a reboot. What do you think? Would you watch a rebooted take on Mulder and Scully?

(Via Vulture)

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