Chris Carter explains why they mixed up the episode order for The X-Files' new season

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Jan 30, 2016, 6:52 PM EST (Updated)

We’re all understandably psyched about The X-Files’ long-awaited return, but some fans are a bit worried about why they decided to shake up the episode order so close to the premiere date. So the man himself has made an effort to explain the changes.

In an interview with TV Insider, series creator Chris Carter explained that they changed the episode order because they felt the new order provided a better mix of mythology episodes and standalone episodes. With just six episodes, Carter only has a few episodes to get the flow right, so he decided the moves better served the narrative flow. Of course, it necessitated some minor changes to (what is now) Episode 5, though Carter promises it was just “a sliver” of dialogue that was axed to make the shift work.

Here’s an excerpt from Carter’s comments:

“Because we have a story arc that runs through the middle of the series…we were concerned that, coming right off a mythology episode [and] going right into a standalone episode, people would say, ‘What’s happened?’ So, it actually worked out. It served Episode 2 better to replace it with 5. It created a better continuity…We’ve come and done what we’ve always done: we give you an amazing mix of episodes—we’ve given you thriller episodes, we’ve given you scary episodes, emotional episodes, comedy episodes.”

What do you think of the revival series? Would you prefer more mythology or standalone episodes?

The X-Files airs Monday nights on Fox.


(Via TV lnsider)