Chris Carter teases his 'big ideas' for new Amazon sci-fi series The After

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Feb 13, 2014, 4:06 PM EST (Updated)

The jury is still out on whether the pilot gets a full-season pickup, but X-Files creator Chris Carter is back on the small screen -- and he has some “big ideas” for his latest sci-fi series.

With the full pilot for Carter’s new sci-fi series The After available to stream on Amazon Prime, the producer has opened up about what he wants to do if the online video service gives the project a season order. Not surprisingly, he’s keeping things on the down low, though it does sound like The After has rekindled some of that X-Files-level excitement for Carter.

Here’s an excerpt from what he told TV Guide:

“While something has happened, we don't know if it's a terrorist act or if someone was able to shut down the power grid. Originally the entire story took place in one location. But as you see in this, it now moves out of the parking garage where it begins … I think it's fun, I think it's dangerous, I think the cast is unexpected. I got very, very lucky, as I have been in the past, to cast people who not only were really good, but came together and were greater than the sum of their parts.

I've got big ideas about where it goes. I'm keeping those things pretty close to my vest. I think I'm trying to take advantage of this new technology where you can watch things again and again and try to put as much detail and drop as many hints and along the way see if people pick up on the layers. It's not dissimilar to what I did on The X-Files.”

Carter notes that he needed a “recharge” after a decade of The X-Files, and we’re glad to see the sci-fi legend is fired up once again about a small-screen project. We’re also intrigued by that X-Files comparison. Hey, if we can’t have X-Files 3 anytime soon, we’ll take a new Carter series over nothing.

What do you think? Can The After capture the X-Files magic?

(Via TV Guide)