The After

Chris Carter's new show for Amazon is now an x-series

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Jan 5, 2015, 6:34 PM EST

Although Carter's pilot for The After -- his first new series since The X-Files ended nearly 13 years ago -- premiered on Amazon's streaming service last February and the project was given the green light for more episodes a month later, Variety reports that it has been canceled.

No reason for the cancellation was given, but Amazon Studios vice president Roy Price said in a statement, "We have decided to not move forward with The After. We would like to thank Chris Carter, the phenomenal cast, crew and producers for all their efforts."

No additional episodes were produced after the pilot, which starred Adrian Pasdar, Sharon Lawrence, Jamie Kennedy and others in a story about eight strangers forced to survive in a bizarre post-apocalyptic world. 

As late as this past July, Carter was talking about the show running for at least 99 episodes -- loosely patterned after the 99 cantos of Dante's Inferno -- so the news is definitely disappointing and a little unsettling. Do you think Amazon should have given The After a chance? Should Carter shop the series somewhere else?

(via Vulture)