Chris Columbus confirms Gremlins reboot is happening

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Apr 17, 2018, 6:08 PM EDT

Good news for you Gremlins fans out there: Chris Columbus has confirmed that he is indeed working on a reboot to the 1984 comedy/horror classic. 

Columbus, who wrote the original Gremlins, recently told Metro that he is “actively talking about” making a new Gremlins film. “So that’s what I am working on with my production company 1492 Pictures,” he said, adding that the new movie “will almost definitely be a reboot.”

Back in August, we learned that Columbus had written a screenplay for the new movie, which he described as having the “twisted and dark... sensibility of the first movie.” Speaking of twisted and dark, you all know that Columbus’ original screenplay for Gremlins was a dark, hard-R gorefest, right? Oh, yeah. Originally, it had Billy’s mom getting decapitated and Gizmo turning into Stripe

No word yet as to whether Joe Dante — who directed the original and its 1990 sequel, Gremlins 2: The New Batch — will be on board to direct. As of this writing, Columbus’ and Dante’s representatives have yet to get back to us. (We’ll let you know ASAP if they do.)

Separately, Metro also asked Columbus if he had any updated information on Goonies 2, to which the filmmaker gave rather disappointing news. Although he confirmed that “there has been talk of it,” Columbus admitted “that’s a difficult one.” And for an obvious reason: “All of the actors have gotten older and chosen different careers.” Fair enough. 

There's actually also another reason why it would be tough to sequelize or remake The Goonies now. (Hey, maybe Sean Astin has the right idea of The Goonies getting resurrected as an animated series.)  

Anyway, what do you guys think of rebooting Gremlins? Should it still take place at Christmas? And more important, should it still have that horrific story about why Phoebe Cates’ character hates Christmas? Let us know in the comments below — just don’t chime in after midnight (seriously, that does something to people).