Chris Evans and Chris Pratt level up their Super Bowl beef with a bet for children's charities

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Jan 22, 2015, 6:21 PM EST (Updated)

Earlier this week, we told you about a little Twitter war between Marvel stars Chris Pratt and Chris Evans over the upcoming Super Bowl. Pratt's Seattle Seahawks will face off in the big game against Evans' New England Patriots, and it seemed a friendly wager over the game was imminent. Now we know what the stakes of that wager will be.

Pratt and Evans won't be betting money, or public humiliation, though. They'll be betting on some superhero kindness. On Tuesday, Pratt proposed that if the Seahawks win, Evans should visit Seattle Children's Hospital and drop in on kids as Steve Rogers himself. 

Evans accepted and countered that if the Patriots win, Pratt should, as Star-Lord, show up at Christopher's Haven, a Boston-based nonprofit that provides housing to families with children receiving pediatric cancer treatments in the area. 

So the bet is made, and one of two great charities will get a visit from a superhero later this year. We'll know who wins on Sunday, Feb. 1, and we'll definitely be on the lookout for the adorable photos likely to result from this wager.

(Via The Mary Sue)