Chris Evans on possible Disney/Fox merger: Hey, who do I call about a Cap/Human Torch crossover?

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Dec 6, 2017, 4:14 PM EST

One of Marvel Studios' biggest stars is approaching the possible merger of the Disney and Fox film studios with a sense of humor.

Chris Evans is one of a handful of actors who has appeared in more than one Marvel film series, having played Johnny Storm/Human Torch in 20th Century Fox's two Fantastic Four movies but more recently leading the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain America in three of his own films as well as two Avengers installments (with two more on the way).

With acquisition talks between the two companies apparently getting serious again, Evans sent out a tweet that saw the levity in an otherwise not-so-healthy scenario:

While some fans out there might relish the thought of Evans as Cap trading quips with himself as the Torch, we'd put that pretty low on the list of possible outcomes should the Disney/Fox merger go through (sorry to disappoint you, Chris). And since the last person to play Johnny Storm in the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot, Michael B. Jordan, has already moved over to the MCU as Eric Killmonger in the upcoming Black Panther, any new version of Marvel's First Family that comes out of the merger would likely be completely recast anyway.

Should Disney and Fox indeed come to terms, Disney would reportedly end up acquiring the Fox film studio among a number of other properties (but not the main Fox broadcast network or Fox's news and sports channels). In that case, Disney could theoretically merge the MCU with the Fox-owned Marvel canon, which includes the X-Men, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Deadpool and many other characters — although not everyone involved with the Fox movies thinks this is a good outcome.

But the question is, is the merger itself a good thing? There are arguments on both sides of the issue that are way larger than whether we might get to see Chris Evans banter with himself (even though that might be worth buying a ticket for). What's your view?