Chris Hardwick to bring science back to prime time with The Awesome Show

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Apr 26, 2017, 12:53 PM EDT (Updated)

Awesome news, fans of science: actor, TV host and professional geek Chris Hardwick will be hosting NBC’s upcoming science-based The Awesome Show.

The Awesome Show will have six episodes, each featuring the most exciting news in science and technology today. The show currently has no release date, but Hardwick said on Twitter that the show will be aired on prime time.

Hardwick told Variety, “The opportunity to develop a primetime show that celebrates science and technology was too good to pass up…. It is very important to me to make something that positively promotes these topics in order to share humanity’s triumphs, to instill hope for our future and to inspire the next generation of young thinkers.”

Here’s hoping for a mashup of Cosmos, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Scientific American Frontiers and the best science show no one outside the United Kingdom has heard of, Connections.

When he isn’t acting, hosting Talking Dead and Talking Preacher or voicing videogames, Hardwick is the CEO of Nerdist Industries. In addition, he recently started his own production company, Fish Ladder.

No wonder The Awesome Show will only have six episodes. It’s all Hardwick likely has time for.

(Via Verge)