Chris Hemsworth almost turned down the role of Thor, and here's why

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Mar 26, 2021, 10:00 AM EDT (Updated)

Imagine being offered a six-film contract to star in Marvel movies and considering turning it down. That's exactly what Chris Hemsworth did in 2009 when he was first offered the role of Thor.

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Hemsworth talked about how he was concerned the offer seemed "too good to be true," and wondered if he was up to such a huge commitment right off the bat, all those years ago.

"I was crossing the road in Vancouver... and I remember the exact moment getting a call from my lawyer and my manager saying, 'You got the offer.' And then kind of going, 'Oh wow, cool. So what is it?' 'It's a superhero thing and it's a six-picture deal,' " he told the paper. "And we were like, 'That's a lot of films to sign up for. We should pass on this.' "

As we all know, the gamble worked out and Chris Hemsworth has become a mega-star as the God of Thunder wielding Mjolnir through two Thor movies and several Avengers films. But it's Thor: Ragnarok that seems to have given Hemsworth a chance to do something many actors in recurring roles would love to do: change things up a bit.

"There's sort of a lightness and an uncertainty and a vulnerability to the character, which is a lot more accessible," Hemsworth told the Herald. "You have this god-like character and he's all-knowing and has all the power in the world and lives in a big shiny gold castle in space. How do you relate to that guy? You try to humanize him."

That's exactly what director Taika Waititi has done with this new film. Waititi took a character known for being very serious and leaned on Hemsworth's natural sense of comedy.

"I was really surprised that they hadn't really exploited that side of him in the previous Marvel films," Waititi said. "Everyone is like, 'Oh man, yeah, you really brought that out'. But, no, finally we had the opportunity to let him do his thing. It was always there."

No doubt, Hemsworth has found a new joy in playing — and reimagining — Thor even after all these films. Sounds like he's glad he said yes back in 2009. So are we.