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Chris Hemsworth felt liberated about new Thor: Ragnarok haircut

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Aug 14, 2017

When Thor: Ragnarok opens in theaters later this year, the God of Thunder will lose his long locks in favor of a much shorter hairdo. While some fans have bemoaned the drastic change, the Avenger’s new haircut has a fan in Thor actor Chris Hemsworth.

While yeah, it’s super sad to see Thor’s luscious locks cut short and I feel your pain, Hemsworth has been excited about doing away with the wig (which must have been annoying to wear) and sporting his own hair.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly for their Fall Movie Preview issue, Hemsworth said:

“When I didn’t have the wig on, I instantly felt like I could move and speak and react differently. Once we aesthetically stripped a lot of that away, it allowed the whole thing to take on a different attitude. It felt like a completely different character, and that was hugely liberating and freeing as an actor because I had become a bit bored with myself.”

I’m totally down with Thor getting a new haircut if it means we get to see a new side of the character, especially since it looks like director Taika Waititi’s (What We Do in the Shadows) third entry in the God of Thunder’s solo franchise looks like it’s going to be a whole lotta fun.

Thor: Ragnarok opens on Nov. 3. Do you guys think the shorter haircut is worthy of Thor?

(EW via io9)

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