Chris Hemsworth smash after TV host spoils Thor: Ragnarok plot twist

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Mar 26, 2021, 9:00 AM EDT (Updated)

What's the best way to piss off Thor? Spoil his movie on live television. Chris Hemsworth and the green machine Mark Ruffalo are riding the PR parade to promote the upcoming Marvel Studios action comedy Thor: Ragnarok.

Their latest appearance on the Australia’s The Project—It's like our Morning Show except without Matt Lauer interrupting everyone—has enough sound bites and laughs to keep you entertained until the movie hits theaters. Hemsworth and Ruffalo are great, but director Taika Waititi steals the show.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

During the long-drawn spotlight, one of the hosts asks Hemsworth about the main baddie Hela and the characters' relationship. "It's a star-studded cast. Our very own—the gorgeous Cate Blanchett plays your sister, Chris. She's trying to kill you," the host stuttered as he can clearly see this didn't sit well with Hemsworth.

"You can't say it's his sister," Hemsworth replied while banging his hand on he desk. "You can't give that away."

The previous leaker, Ruffalo, tried to break the ice by jokingly trying to cue the morning show host by blurting out "ixnay on the istersay."

The lineage between Thor and Hela isn't a shocker to fans of the comic book series.  She is the daughter of Loki and Angerboda and made her appearance in Journey Into Mystery #102 by Stan "The Man" Lee and Jack "The King" Kirby. It will be interesting but not shocking to see her new origin for ourselves.

You can break his hammer, kill his father and mother, but thy mustn't spoil a god's movie.

Fast-forward to the six-minute mark to see the interview get hairy.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters on November 3.