Chris Nolan explains that 8-year gap between Dark Knight and TDKR

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Dec 16, 2012

We're just half a year from the opening of The Dark Knight Rises, and director/mastermind Christopher Nolan is finally opening up a little on why he made the choices he made for the final film in his epic Bat-trilogy. In a new interview, he talks everything from why he chose to Bane to, most interestingly, why he opted to place 8 years between this film and the last.

Now, don't think that you're about to read Nolan giving away secrets. He hasn't worked so hard for so long to keep things under wraps just to spill the beans himself. But he is providing some intriguing insight into the storytelling process for his final Dark Knight flick. So why place nearly a decade between The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises? While he won't tell us the plot, Nolan does say it has a lot to do with the battle that Batman and Commissioner Gordon are fighting together.

"It will make a lot more sense to people when they see the film," Nolan said of the leap forward. "But it's not a great mystery—it's the jumping-off point for the film—but it's hard for me to articulate it. I think the mood at the beginning of the film will make a lot of sense. If I had to express it thematically, I think what we're saying is that for Batman and Commissioner Gordon, there's a big sacrifice, a big compromise, at the end of the The Dark Knight, and for that to mean something, that sacrifice has to work, and Gotham has to get better in a sense. They have to achieve something for the ending of that film—and the feeling at the end of that film—to have validity. Their sacrifice has to have meaning, and it takes time to establish that and to show that, and that's the primary reason we did that. It's a time period that is not so far ahead that we would have to do crazy makeup or anything—which I think would be distracting—but it gave them something to get their teeth into, particularly Christian in terms of [portraying] this guy who has been frozen in this moment in time with nowhere to go. He really has done an incredible job figuring out how to characterize that and express that."

Yeah, nothing really plot-based there, but that does provide some insight into the struggling and sick Gordon we saw in the trailer, and how hard it was for Bruce Wayne to cope with how badly everything went in The Dark Knight. It's been a battle for both of Gotham's top crime fighters, and things only seem to get worse when it comes to Bane. Of course, Nolan is not about to explain the new poster featuring Bane walking away from a broken Batcowl, but he does give a little insight as to why he picked Bane as the lead villain for his final film. While the Joker was all about chaos, this villain seems to be all about might.

"With Bane, the physicality is the thing," Nolan said. "With a good villain you need an archetype, you know, you need the extreme of some type of villainy. The Joker is obviously a particular archetype of diabolical, chaotic anarchy and has a devilish sense of humor. Bane, to me, is something we haven't dealt with in the films. We wanted to do something very different in this film. He's a primarily physical villain, he's a classic movie monster, in a way—but with a terrific brain. I think he's a fascinating character. I think people are going to get a kick out of what we've done with him."

What exactly all of this will mean for the finished film is very likely something we'll have to wait until release day to figure out, but at least now the director himself is willing to talk a little. That's encouraging, if only because it means we have more tidbits to dissect.

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