Chris Pirillo’s Call For Help!

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Feb 14, 2007

Chris Pirillo and I go way back. As I've mentioned before, he hosted a show on the defunct TechTV channel called "Call For Help", and I was on a few times making fun of science in movies.

Chris and TechTV co-alum Leo LaPorte (and with some sort of support from Kevin Rose of are putting together a new web portal called UnDoTV, and it's in private beta testing right now. I'll have lots more fun news about that later, but for now, Chris is playing around with revamping CfH by doing it online. He's already made a plea for questions:

After listening this, I decided I had to respond:

Although I posted this hours ago YouTube has not yet linked my video to Chris's, nor has it posted either of the two text messages I submitted. Weird. YouTube is cool, but like MySpace it has some serious coding and interface issues.

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