Could Chris Carter's new supernatural cop show be the next X-Files?

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Dec 15, 2012

The man who created The X-Files is coming back to television—and, not surprisingly, little is known about his new project.

The proposed show is called Unique, according to the Hollywood Reporter, and it is described as a "mystery police thriller" with a female lead character. But—and this is what grabbed us—the series is also said to have a supernatural element.

What exactly does that mean? No one knows for sure, and Carter isn't talking, although he is slated to write and executive-produce the show if it gets picked up.

After spending nine years as executive producer of The X-Files, the landmark series he created for Fox in 1993, Carter has kept mostly out of sight since the show came to an end in 2002.

He re-emerged in 2008 to direct the second feature film, The X-Files: I Want to Believe, but we all know how that turned out: it was a bomb with both fans and critics. Carter went back underground after that, and we can't say we blame him.

But if Unique gets picked up by a network—and we can't imagine one turning down a new show from the man behind The X-Files—perhaps it means Carter has found his inspiration again. But we're curious: Will the show be like The X-Files? Or will it be more of a crime series with just a hint of the supernatural?

And most importantly: Will he somehow find the time to make that third X-Files movie?

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