Chris Eccleston reveals the true reasons why he left Doctor Who

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Dec 14, 2012

It's a well-known fact in Doctor Who circles that Christopher Eccleston's (aka the Ninth Doctor) departure from the long-running sci-fi series was done in a, let's face it, less than amicable manner—though he always tried to be diplomatic about the whole thing. Until he recently opened up a bit more on his true reasons for leaving the show.

Though Eccleston has already made a few revelations concerning his departure, at first saying he didn't want to be typecast, and then citing that "I didn't enjoy the environment and the culture that we, the cast and crew, had to work in," as part of his decision to leave, the actor went into further details while speaking at an event at the Theatre Royal in Haymarket, where Eccleston explained to an acting master class why he left Doctor Who.

According to the Bad Wilf podcast, the actor said:

I left Doctor Who because I could not get along with the senior people. I left because of politics. I did not see eye-to-eye with them. I didn't agree with the way things were being run. I didn't like the culture that had grown up around the series. So I left, I felt, over a principle.

I thought to remain, which would have made me a lot of money and given me huge visibility, the price I would have had to pay was to eat a lot of [$@#!]. I'm not being funny about that. I didn't want to do that and it comes to the art of it, in a way. I feel that if you run your career and ... we are vulnerable as actors and we are constantly humiliating ourselves auditioning. But if you allow that to go on, on a grand scale you will lose whatever it is about you and it will be present in your work.

If you allow your desire to be successful and visible and financially secure—if you allow that to make you throw shades on your parents, on your upbringing, then you're knackered. You've got to keep something back, for yourself, because it'll be present in your work.

My face didn't fit and I'm sure they were glad to see the back of me.

WOW. That's what we call quittin' with the bullcrap. We're left wondering how long it'll take the BBC to reply to that.

Christopher Eccleston—who was, in our humble opinion, one of the reasons why Doctor Who became so hugely popular and successful again in 2005 when Russell T Davies brought the series back—also recently dashed the hopes of many fans when he let it be known that he wouldn't reprise the role for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the series.

(via Den of Geek)

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