Chris Evans says we won't be seeing Captain America 2 anytime soon

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Dec 15, 2012

Joss Whedon's The Avengers is shaping up to be among the biggest sci-fi blockbuster releases ever, and according to star Chris Evans, Captain America fans had better savor it ... because it might be the last we see of the First Avenger until 2014.

In an interview to promote his new flick Puncture, Evans said that, with so many other Marvel film projects already underway, he's not expecting to see Captain America 2 hit theaters until 2014.

"They may wait until 2014 until they release the next Cap," he said. "Marvel has a lot of balls in the air; they aren't going to cannibalize their films."

But wait, what about cameos? Marvel loves their cameos and codas, so surely we have a chance of seeing Cap pop up in Iron Man 3 or Thor 2, both of which will probably hit theaters in 2013. Well, that's where it gets a little complicated. Evans said he has a six-picture deal with Marvel at this point—three Cap films and three Avengers films—and any cameo he makes is counted among those six pictures. So, if Marvel wants to get their money's worth out of him, they'll save him for the big pictures.

"Out of those six films, if I pop up in one of those [other films], it counts as part of the deal. So if they needed me in a third Cap, and I say, 'F--- you, give me $30 million,' well ... they want to avoid that."

Evans also took the time to comment on all those Avengers set photos we've been seeing. According to Captain America himself, they're not misdirection. They're the real deal, stuff you'll actually see in the flicks.

"All the pieces you can find on the Internet are action pieces," Evans says, referring to snapshots of alien weapons and massive property damage. "But nothing out there [as far as photos] is like, 'That'll fool 'em!'"

But what if these claims that the photos aren't misdirection are, in fact, misdirection of a different sort? Is Joss Whedon actually making a film about pink puppets and not telling anyone? Time will tell.

(via Comic Book Movie)