Chris Hemworth: How Joss Whedon helped me get cast as Thor

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Dec 14, 2012

It's not easy being Thor ... at least, it's not easy trying to score the part of Thor. Chris Hemsworth had auditioned for it, but the actor, who had a small role as George Kirk in the rebooted Star Trek, hadn't heard back. And that's when Joss Whedon stepped in.

Hemsworth was working on (the delayed and eternally upcoming) Cabin in the Woods when he had a chat with Joss, its co-writer and producer.

The future god of thunder told The Coventry Telegraph:

Right back when I was shooting Cabin in the Woods there was the casting for Thor. The process was ending and he said "Why aren't you involved in it," and I said "Well I was earlier, but I've been in and out of it. What's going on?" And he said "I'll give Ken a call," and he called Ken Branagh. They didn't know each other but knew of each other and Joss said "Look, for what it's worth, I've been working with Chris and he's a good bloke."

The Joss Seal of Approval seemed to do the trick. Hemsworth said, "I think it helped to get me back in there."

Hemsworth has a chance to thank Joss for his kind words and his matchmaking skills; they'll be working together in the Whedon-directed movie The Avengers.

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