Chris Pine reveals Alice Eve's importance to the Star Trek 2 plot

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Since we learned that Alice Eve would indeed be playing Carol Marcus, aka Capt. Kirk's (Chris Pine) one-time love and the mother of his son David (in the original timeline, that is) in the highly anticipated Star Trek sequel Into Darkness, we've been very excited about the awesome news. So what else can we glean about the character?

Well, good ol' James T. Kirk himself reveals the extent of the role Eve's character will play.

Speaking to MTV, Pine says about Kirk's potential romance with Carol Marcus that "so much happens, the action and plot is so fast, there really isn't much time for Kirk to do anything but save the crew."

Still, the actor did say that "Kirk loves a blonde," so there is some "flirting," at least. So that wouldn't be the time when David would get conceived, it would appear. But heck, since it's an alternate timeline, so many different things can happen.

As for Carol Marcus' importance in the Star Trek Into Darkness plot, Pine revealed that Marcus' "scientific knowledge" is a key to resolving the crisis posed by Benedict Cumberbatch's John Harrison.

Now, isn't that interesting?

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